Afghan Silk

Crime Writers of Canada award finalist 2015 – Best Unpublished First Crime Novel


bookSerial entrepreneur Colin McKenna had a brilliant idea: produce the world’s best organic, all-natural painkiller to help cancer and AIDS patients endure chemo therapy.

For McKenna, the fact that a key ingredient was pharmaceutical-grade Afghan hashish was not a huge problem. He knew an Afghan ex-pat with an MBA and ancestral lands in the fertile Hari Rud Valley.

But within 24-hours of landing in Afghanistan, McKenna found himself on the run with his friend’s wife and son and a 1,000-year-old religious icon just two steps ahead of a pissed-off regional war lord and a good-looking NATO intelligence officer.

After a confrontation in Istanbul and a bloody street fight in Amsterdam, things got really serious back in Toronto: assault weapons, kidnapping and a desperate CIA agent whose career was going sideways.

Intrigued? Here’s an excerpt > Chapters 13